PhillyPhire #1: Kevin Hart


Welcome to the first #PhillyPhire, my name is Dante and I'll be providing you with TeflonDesign's newest feature. PhillyPhire will consist of inspirational blog posts highlighting local success stories of celebrities, business people, artists, activists or any person who embodies the underdog spirit of Philadelphia. This week’s feature and my very first post will tell the story of Kevin Hart.

The now successful actor, producer, and fitness aficionado; Kevin Hart had a challenging childhood in the City of Brotherly love. Hart was raised in North Philadelphia, mostly by his mother because his father struggled with drug addiction. Addiction wasn’t the only issue that affected young Kevin’s relationship with his dad; his father also spent time in jail during Kevin’s adolescence.

Despite the difficulties Kevin faced during his young life, he attended George Washington High School in the Northeast section of Philadelphia. Through his time in high school he began to realize that humor and comedy helped him cope with the issues he was dealing with at home. This coping mechanism slowly turned into a growing passion for him. 

Before his entertainment career took off, Kevin worked a job at a footwear store to make ends meet. After realizing that he had much more talent and potential, he began to perform at small local comedy clubs. Eventually he began to get positive feedback from audiences and other comedians, which led to his quick rise to fame. Soon enough Kevin ended up in some of the best comedy clubs on the east coast including Carolines on Broadway in New York City. Below is a link to one of his earliest performances at Carolines. *NSFW*

As his stand up career took off, Kevin found other opportunities on the big screen and has starred in major movies such as Jumanji, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Get Hard, the Scary Movie Franchise, and many other major films. Aside from his acting roles, Kevin has also produced multiple films of his stand up appearances in some of the most famous venues in the U.S. 

In 2016, Forbes named Kevin Hart the highest paid comedian in the world with his earnings listed at 87.5 million for that year alone. Kevin is the only comedian ever to make more than Jerry Seinfeld which speaks to how influential he has been in the entertainment world. He turned a way to cope with his struggles as a youth into an opportunity to become one of the best known comedians of our time, and that is why he embodies the #PhillyPhire.